I love this

When my sister lived in Gana for eight months ago she bought fabric for me and my third sister.
I love the fabric, it's wonderful. I have just started making dresses out of it.

I love the fabric so much that I went to two African fabric stores yesterday and bought three different prints.

One of the fabric stores printed their own colour combination but had also Dutch prints. The owner of the store gave me five beautiful photos of dresses made out of african fabric. The pictures came from VILISCO.

Here is a link to the Vlisco's lookbook: http://epub02.publitas.com/Vlisco/lookbooktresorbrillant/magazine.php#/spreadview/2/

Fabric from VLISCO

Leaf trail

I found out about this stores through a friend, she sent me this link: http://www.diy-couture.co.uk/shepherdsbush.html