(Excuse my grammar and spelling, I am slightly dyslexic.)

It is so much happening right now.
I had my deadline for West London College today, handed in my last and final project and arranged the exhibition we're having.

For my first time I am applying for Beckmans College of Design, BA Fashion. Tomorrow I'm going to sweden to send it in. This last weeks have been so hectical. I have been working every day, every evening and nights. It has been a lot, but I have to say it's been a pleaser and I have had so much fun and lernt so much. Now I just missing hanging out with my lovely classmates from West London College. After the Fashion Show next week we are going to celebrate. Yeeii!

I want more than anything to study Fashion Design at Beckmans College of Design. I want to and I feel ready to take the step. But if I do not get in this year I have lernt a lot by just making the application project and I would continue to challenging myself, and working to developing my skills on my own until I get in.


Had a quick photo shoot with Xiwen today, not the best quality, 
but are going to photograph this piece more professionaly later on.
The piece is one of my outcomes from my final last project "Life in Confusion"- Surrealism.