Art on body

Distort the Body
During this project I have been exploring body norms and ideals that exist in society, that influence and partly creates us.
I want to raise a discussion about ideals and simultaneously affirm the creativity that is within us.
I think that by allowing yourself to create something that can be considered as "ugly", design ideas can take shape that otherwise would have been lost. 
Here is the outcome of my project. (In connection with this project, I held a workshop at Lava).

This should not be happening
end rape culture now
To read more about the project, klick HERE

Senses undercover

Bondage couture
This is the toile for one of the creations. It is not a finished garment.

Material: newspaper, thread and wire. I collected blue, grey-blu and black pages, to create a shading. I twisted every page to create spikes, then I sewed the pages together. The wire base I made, holds everything in place. 
Material: Old jacket, embroidery yarn and thread. My main inspiration for this piece is an old broken camera that I took apart. By using the material from the jacket and embroidery yarn I created this accessory that is changeable.

Design project with uncommon material.
Dress of garbage bags, thumbtack, and wire netting.