The projekt started with the word "Normativity" and resulted in this sculpture on the body and this pictures.

It shouldn't be normal to have been experience sexual abuse in any way. But sadly, my experience say that there is harder to find a woman that have not experienced sexual harassment/abuse than people that have. Both men and woman would win to change this culture.

I used wallpaper paste to attach these articles about sexual abuse and rape from newspapers.
In just three weeks, I manage to collect as many that I could cover a whole body with it... (in just three weeks!)

I want to contribute and high light the discussion about gender norms and the unequal balance that is happening partly because women and men are expected to follow (and are placed in) certain ideals.

98% of all rapists are men.... and it is a social unequality both men and woman would win to change. In Sweden 90 rapes occurs a day. Year 2013,  6432 people reported rape. According to Crime Preventing Council in Sweden; (only) 1/5 of all rapes is reported to the police.

This became a sculpture representing the inequality and oppression that is happening right now and not just in Sweden. And it is not okay! Women should not live in fear of getting raped. Women should not be tought how to handle it. We, everyone on earth should change the culture. It should not be "normal" to have experience sexual abuse. It should not be normal to have sexually harassed someone.

I recommend everyone to see this TED talks:

Violence & Silence by Jackson Katz
How movies teach masculinity by Colin Stokes